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Thoughts on Jane Eyre

Okay so I think Jane Eyre has been pretty cool to reread, I read it for the first time when I was a senior in high school and had to do these awful chapter by chapter reading journals that were essentially this but more structured and for each chapter and it drove me crazy so I have really been avoiding doing this reading response but now that I have started it really isn’t so bad and I’m not sure if it is okay that I write comparably about Mansfield Park and Jane Eyre and more specifically about Jane vs Fanny because I am in 4 English classes and reading both of these at the same time I really was struck by similarities and differences and differences in the text and sometimes would be confused and think that one character had done something but it was actually the other. (Also I hope you’ve read Mansfield Park.)

It struck me the most that after being able to compare a female character as Jane and Jane Eyre as a whole novel to Fanny in Mansfield Park, that Jane really is a badass and a more feminist character than I would have thought when thinking about her on her own vs maybe my thoughts about feminist today. By being able to compare the two which have a similar time period and setting I can see that it really was brave of Jane to be so open, and so vocal about herself and her thoughts. I really thought it was interesting how often both of the novels talked about walking and walking in gardens and nature. The other thing is that compared to Edmund, who is Fanny’s cousin, Rochester is really a better male character and even though he locked his wife up Fanny marrying Edmund is like Jane marrying her cousin St. John (what is up w St. John being pronounced SIN GIN anyway? That’s weird and annoying.)


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