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Post Reading thoughts on Wuthering Heights

Okay I’m going to be bold and say it- literally what is this book. WHERE IS THE LOVE STORY? I don’t understand this book at all and I really feel those 19th century writers when they were like nah to Emily and yah to Charlotte.

Let’s look at HC for a bit, because this suicidal mess is nuts. So I feel like the super natural element was really low key in this book, low key as in the reader really didn’t think about it too much besides the weird beginning which is actually the ending (have you read This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz? Literally the same idea there) but the whole I’m-going-to-dig-up-Catherine’s-grave-so-I-can-have-her-body-because-I wasn’t-able-to-have-her-body-in-life-and-yet-I walk-the-moors-with-her-because-her-soul-has-always-been-with-me thing is so weird. He should have pulled a Bertha and jumped out a window and been done with it. Is he mad? Nelly really works hard to make sure that he isn’t really seen that way, and even there at the end Nelly really tries to get the reader to sort of pity HC, but honestly when he dug up the grave that was it for me I was so against HC its insane. Again, HOW IS THIS A LOVE STORY?

Nelly really set the stage for the reader to feel sorry for Cathy pt 2 and honestly I felt bad for Edgar too. Edgar hated HC but honestly I almost forget all of the torture that occurred because HC tormented Isabella so much. It really would have been 20 times better if HC was actually a little slave boy and a product of the salve trade and then would have a better reason to torment and essentially single handedly tear down everything these families have. Then at least it would have been a commentary on the slave trade, sort of like what Charlotte did with Bertha.

Maybe HC is male Bertha, he was captured and tormented, fell in love, was shunned said love, and was just able to express it. I dunno man Wuthering Heights was wack though, give me the real love stories back.


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